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Investment Care

we believe in a data driven approach

Property,- and Asset Management 2.0 with a data driven approach

The new focus on outperformance of real estate with a new way of management

Reliable data creates a perfect grip on assets

Asset Management 
  • Property valuation

  • Cash flow management & optimisation

  • Asset positioning

  • Management Lease contracts & negotiation

  • Renewable concepts & design

  • Asset improvements

  • Transformation and Revitalising

  • Optimisation of Capex/Opex

  • Tenant satisfaction & improvements

  • Location analysis

Property Management 
Technical property management
  • Responsive maintenance (defects and complaints)

  • Plan maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Service agreements

  • Site visits

  • Tenant mutations and transfers

Commercial property management
  • Tenant relationships

  • Rent roll administration

  • Lease agreements

  • Marketing

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